Friday, January 19, 2018

2018 first catch


First post in 2018.

mengawali tahun ini dengan tumpukan ujian dan deadline. 

gak deng. dengan bismillah juga tentunya :p

sudah tanggal 19 Januari, dan ada banyak hutang post yang menunggu diselesaikan. hutang ke diri sendiri sih. 

1/3 Januari sudah mau habis! ngapain aja..

setelah tertimpa (menjadi penyebab juga sih sebenarnya) sebuah 'musibah' yang membuat harus berpisah dengan layar dan tuts keyboard selama, terhitung sampai sekarang, 2 minggu. setiap kejadian ada hikmahnya, betul? walaupun sempat teralihkan dengan satu game rhythm yang lumayan menyenangkan (tuh kan, nemu game lagi kan), akhirnya mencoba melihat-lihat dan membaca satu persatu buku-buku yang berjejer di lemari depan sana.

mahasiswa apa gimana, kok keknya gapernah baca buku.

kemudian mencoba istiqomah dengan satu buku jurnal mini yang bikin jatuh cinta pada pandangan pertama di Daiso ((bikin pengen beli banyak padahal isinya sama aja)). buku bagus bikin semangat nulis! walaupun jatuhnya kayak diary. jadi kelihatan lah ya, kalau gabut, kotaknya kosong mentereng. sudah beberapa kali ganti media, mulai dari buku to do list, color note, simple note, sticky note, dan note-note yang lainnya. well, lets see how this one will do.



((ini pelarian sebenarnya, dari tab Ms. Word di sebelah situ)) ((dan Ms. Excel di sebelahnya))

suka heran. ketika menahan diri untuk engga nulis, disini atau disana atau dimanapun, pada akhirnya malah teralihkan pada aktivitas lain yang malah lebih tidak produktif. seharusnya sih, mainnya ke sini aja. setidaknya menghasilkan sesuatu. jadi sedih.

mari berdoa semoga ke depannya tidak seperti itu lagi. semoga debu-debu di sini bisa terangkat kembali. amin..

sedang mencoba suasana baru. so far so good. mari menunaikan kewajiban dulu, semoga bisa cepat selesai dan kembali lagi ke sini :))

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Last Day of NASSYE - Tokyo Trip



Decided to finish the NASSYE post before 2017 end. 

The day started when I stepped my feet down from the night bus that brought us all the way from Nagaoka (yep, another night trip, hemat penginapan). I took the bus with Lim, Malaysian delegation that also had the same bus with me on the trip from Tokyo to Nagaoka. sadly, we need to go on separated way since she already had a really complete yet busy shopping plan while I still had nothing under mine. and.....I'm not into shopping that much (RIP my yen(s))(need to save it).

the goodbyes were on around 5 am, when we finally took a different train from Shinjuku Station.

((sebenernya sudah agak lupa huhu)) ((brb buka-buka history foto))

as I recall, I need to decide which line should I take to Haneda Airport in the night. my flight would be on 23.45 PM in the same day, and I desperately need to put my luggage on the coin locker before strolling around this city. I wanted to try Keikyu line, (since on the last time here I went to Haneda Airport by Tokyo Monorail so...) and started to ride a train to Shinagawa Station. tried to find the closest coin locker to the Keikyu Line gate using a huge map provided in the station, I finally managed to get a big locker cost 600 yen just across the Keikyu Line gate.

It was Friday, September 1st 2017 6.00 AM in the morning. today is actually an Idul Adha celebration day. however, I could not have a prayer due to my monthly cycle :(

where should I go..? 


*tanpa tujuan*

I already tried to make an itinerary for my last day in Tokyo, but... dunno, ended up with nothing even until I stepped my feet there. I still didnt have any internet connection, so the first thing I did was looking for Shinagawa Station (or JR) Wi-Fi and browsing on the internet.

I actually wanted to go here:

Pasona Building, an urban farm in Tokyo. it was stated that this building is an office that has its own modern farm inside. 

hmmmmmm mungkin Tokyo trip kali ini bisa berfaedah dikit lah yah. 

it is located near Tokyo Station, so I decided to go there as my first destination. moreover, as far as I remember, I havent see the iconic building of Tokyo Station before. so, after having an onigiri as my breakfast, I walked outside the station and enjoyed the morning breeze~

since it was still around 6.30 AM in the morning, and the Pasona Building is actually an office so it would not open that early, I went to some unique place around Tokyo Station first. I headed to Tokyo International Forum, and went up to the 6th floor to see its unique roof (?) (as stated in the google lol). also witnessed the hectic yet busy morning of this city; people walking silently fast with a suitcase in their hand. 

the unique roof 

maybe; once more in the future?

long and busy queue

continued my day going back to Tokyo Station willing to see Tokyo Character Street. but once again, it was too early, no shop opened :(

anndd one of the most visited tourism object near Tokyo Station is Tokyo Imperial Palace. have not been here before. they said the garden was huge and beautiful.

but it was so sad to read the information board that Tokyo Imperial Palace is closed every Monday Friday... well thats okay, I can still see the castle from the outside :")

Tokyo Imperial Palace

looking for this Pasona building was extremely hard. with my limited internet connection, I had to go back to Tokyo Station, accessed the google maps with Wi-Fi and took some screenshots first. then I followed the instructed path, as well as hoped to get another Wi-Fi signal on the way to make sure that I was in the right line.

turned out that this Pasona office had been shut down, and replaced with a kind of restaurant. hmmmm. no wonder I could not find any building with branches and leaves on its window like the picture I post before. but they still provided some little touch of urban agriculture inside, so I was glad to (finally) be there!

mini urban agriculture

the Tokyo Station trip had been over. I chose Akihabara as the next destination, since some friends of mine asked me to buy something for them. last time I went to Akihabara (here), I just strolling around looking for book off and random anime shops, lol. so now, I went to Yodobashi Camera; one of the biggest electronic store in Tokyo.


I also explored some other recommended shops like BIC Camera and Softmap. yah.. cuci mata dengan segala barang-barang elektronik canggih itu terkadang boleh juga, haha. 

it was in the middle of the afternoon when my stomach started to starve. I went to Ayam-Ya Ramen in Okachimachi (again and again) (sudah lapar mager cari tempat lain) (sekali kali lah ya). the taste of this halal ramen will never disappoint anyone! :9


lalu sudah mulai lelah berjalan, kawan..

ended my trip with strolling around in Ameyayokocho shopping street, randomly bought a pair of shoe (discount, of course, yay), and a greentea icecream cone.

the trip was done! went back to Akihabara first and bought some other things, and ended up in Shinagawa Station, waited for the train in Keikyu line. 

overall, I enjoyed this trip a lot. because I did not have any itinerary, the trip was not 'under-pressure', haha. just went around freely whenever and wherever I wanted to. it was surprisingly fun! might try this style of trip for the next time.

Saturday, December 16, 2017

*lagi main voli*

"Sori sori kodingannya salah."

"Eh eh awas itu tangannya slip."

"Yah gimana nih KLEnya kecil, ganti pemain ganti pemain!"

Well, there's always these 'secret' jokes where only you and your closest and sepenanggungan-seperjuangan friends can understand.


*dedicated to orang-orang absurd yang di tengah tugas akhir menggunung malah bikin turnamen voli dan turnamen mobile legend antar divisi* 

Just a quick reminder for myself that its D-15 before 2017 ended, and I still have lots of story to write about.

Kamana aja neng 2 bulan.

Annnddd those deadlines for next week are actually pretty considerable.

H-6 for my research proposal seminar. udah mau penelitian aja ya. hmmmmmmm.

bit sad to know that i've just missed those moments without any trace in this dusty pages.

well, but... speaking about priority, this power-point-software lying below this white paper is now  calling your name :)

selamat melewati minggu depan. semoga selamat. bismillah.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

quick post.

18.35. 5 menit menuju boarding dari Bandara Juanda ke Soekarno Hatta.

dan sekitar 12 jam lagi kembali ke dunia nyata.

.....sudah siap kah? :""

welcome back!