Sunday, August 27, 2017

final exam


I will dedicate this one post for the final exam only.

why? dont know. but i've never felt good when this time is coming. especially with my stardew valley farm big project running around happily inside my head :(


oh, and i still had some unsolved matters with my internship. moreover, my short course permission were highly depend on it. and the kiln experiment data result which were somehow.....not like I had expected before?

and this term subjects.....hmmmmm. as I said before, this term subjects were a very-very nice yet scary combination between theories, formulas, and numbers. like; the hardest one I ever felt? because I still had to remember tons of theories while also perform some calculation excercises. I prefer only excercises.....with A4 sheet allowed, ofc :(

hmhm. then.. well, however, I shouldnt be confused back then.

there will be no matter burdened harder than someone can actually hold, right?

“Allah does not burden a soul beyond that it can bear…” 
(QS Al-Baqarah(2):286)

all about charcoal and sudden-short-holiday


June had begun and we were all facing the last week of this term. this year academic calendar is a little bit unique because of a sudden-short holiday we had just between the last class and final exam. my kiln design had been done and was being made in one of my lecturer workshop. after some sort of discussions and revisions, the kiln design was fixed and would be ready in 2 weeks.

I should finish taking my data in June, because there would be a final exam in July, and we must go to our internship place right after the last day of the exam. it was my first experience going through lot of markets and shops around Dramaga and Cibanteng to find the dried coconut shell needed for making the charcoal, and having those 10-15 kilos of coconut shell tied on the seat behind my motorcycle and drove alone all the way to the campus.  

we were conduct the pyrolysis process in a group of 9-10 students, back then in the class. for this project, I should reduce people involved as much as possible so that it wont bother my friends' final exam preparation (and holiday, ofc). but one thing I'm sure, I will never be able to do this experiment by my only self. it was pretty much a (wait not 'a' but 'some') man job, man. not to mention that my height is already, unfortunately, not enough to do some steps though. playing with a kiln with 500-600C temperature inside, fire, burning charcoal, and tons of smoke in the air is definitely not that easy. lucky I had these guys who helped me all along. thank you, ghofur, rais, benny and wildan!

I also had a warm yet peaceful day of Eid Fitr with my family~

it was a pleasure that I still given a chance to finish this year Ramadhan. I also had some unforgettable moments (we even did some pyrolysis experiments while fasting, from day to night!!). got lost in Cibeureum, had a precious time with my very-first-yet-sweet mentoring plus fellas, volunteered in sanlat ceria.. and it was a really touching moment seeing my mutabaah yaumiyah record in journal ramadhan book, in the last day of Ramadhan. alhamdulillah, I hope that this improvement will not lasted in this holy month only, and that I would have a chance to meet another Ramadhan next year. amiin.

there was only about one week remained until the final exam from the Eid Fitr day.

and guess what I found?

Ta, da~!

Stardew Valley!


why, u, now, banget, nih.

you have to believe; this game is thousand times more fun than any Harvest Moon I've ever played!

well, I actually havent tried all of the Harvest Moon series before. but as far as I play, Stardew Valley is still the best (yea). more complex yet mysterious and interesting. it is like you have your new target every single day, thus playing one day will not be enough. you would having a plan for every 'tomorrow' you face so that you couldn't stop playing or you would forget everything. wkwk. 

dream farm. 
no, not mine. see how complex could this one become?
credit to @ConcernedApe

I am now in the 2nd year. happily married, sprinklers for all my plants (but not the iridium one), nice animals, and have somehow quite well-planned cashflow (cough).

i'm not that pro actually but kinda love my farm though xD

hello from Orion Farm!

phew, what a holiday.

and this post will over, move to the next part; final exam.

Sunday, August 20, 2017



Lets just start with this one. It was actually a bit new for us because after a long, long, time, we finally have to do fasting on the regular day of college. Kinda tiring first, since we had this field laboratory activities where we have to stay under the sun for a long time, doing some outdoor practical subjects in Leuwikopo. And my class also had this one day when the class lasted until 6 pm. However, we once got treated for break fasting by the lecturer! Some dates and a cup of your tea feels lot more worthy when you're sharing each other and having a good time :)

The other thing that made this Ramadhan special was I managed to print this book:

Does it feel more real if you have these list of your activities and mutaba'ah yaumiyah recorded every day? This actually motivated me to reach on my targets. if one day I have a difficult time remembering finished activity worth-to-write that day, is that mean that I actually 'lose' that day? and because the note was real, I can managed my 'kok-tiba-tiba-gabut' time better than before.

so, thank you for whoever designed this and those who posted and recommended this book! I hope that we can still meet another Ramadhan next year. Aamiin.

Better to open this page first although I dont know whether this will be posted or not.

It has been like thousand times I remind myself to take notes on every moment, or make a recorded footage about those precious times, but it always ended up nothing but a tap of my thumb on the camera icon.

I am currently in the exact time where all of those prayers, thoughts, works, and dreams I lit up back there is happening. 

And you will go through this without having any written memories?

Well, hope it wont happen.

As I recall, there were some events passed in the last three months. 

Okay, I wrote couple of things and go erase those things right after i'm not sure why.

Heum. lets just see the real posts you can make, shall we?