Wednesday, September 6, 2017

first week in Nagaoka and NUT #part 2

Assalamualaikum! lets continue;

#4th Day: Another Lost; and Motion Control Laboratory

this day was a bit loose because we were told to be in Innovation Lounge by 10 AM. I was too lazy to move and make a breakfast in cafetaria (sometimes, it was hard to find halal meal in cafetaria. last time I could only eat rice and salad...), thus I stayed at room enjoying Mie Gelas and cup of Koffee Luwak instant, wkwk.

I left my room around 9.50 AM. 

and... I got lost.

I thought I remembered the path clearly, but turned out that I couldn't figure the right building to come. this Innovation Lounge actually didn't belong to any department, so it didn't have any specific building. the only things I could remembered were the hall was all white, it just a step beside Fermentation Lab, and the room number was 211.

....dont be panic and lets find someone to ask then :)))

I bumped on a student and ask him (apparently he might be one of NASSYE student labmate...), and we thought that it might be in Bioengineering Department (since it close to Fermentation lab). 

as we walked there, we also found a room number 211.

but apparently, this Innovation Lounge was not the only room which had number 211 :" 

I was late about 20 minutes, and, desperately, decided to go to International Division Affair office and asked for help. minutes later, Kawai-san, my TA fetched me up.


malu euy, you know. 

I promised myself, after this session, I had to look around, remember every path, and never get lost anymore :))

for today lesson, we went to Motion Control Laboratory and learned the system of rehabilitation robot. nowadays, many robot considered dangerous to human as it didn't have any position or velocity control for its own. thus, a robot with force control and impedance control were developed in order to increase its safety toward human. 

in this case, we studied about the application of force control and impedance control in rehabilitation chair for people with disabled/paralyzed feet. this rehabilitation chair let the user push a certain weight by their feet to train their muscle. in this research, instead of having a constant weight, this chair connected to a motor that acted like a spring. this system gave amount of weight based on the force exerted by user. thus, it would be more suitable for patient in rehabilitation process.

the chair

first time using matlab and those block diagram ;;;

#5th Day: DIY Magnetic Carbon Active

we were having an experiment in Kobayashi lab, guided by some of our labmates, NUT students from Material Science major. we made a magnetic flocculant out of activated carbon, iron chloride, and NaOH. wastewater management was a really important issue, and one of the problem was that this wastewater often contain a dye, a colored substance that has an affinity to substrate to which it is being applied. activated carbon could remove dye, but it was difficult to collect after being used. with this magnetic flocculant, we could gather the used activated carbon by using magnet.

while waiting for our flocculant to be done, we went to tempura shop for lunch. finally! after days with salad and half-boiled eggs.. in the evening after finishing the laboratory works, we all went to a Dango shop. it was actually a very old traditional house, built in around 1700. the view from this shop were magnificent. we could clearly see hills and rice fields from here. I wonder how it would look in winter, spring or fall.... because in summer all they have was green :(

and then we drove to Daiso. yay. 100-yen shop. everyone's favorite shop :))

#6th Day: Future Photovoltaic and Conversion Technology

in the morning, we went to energy laboratory tour, especially for solar cell technology. they had an innovation which combine the 3J solar cell (high efficiency solar cell to get direct sunlight) and bi-facial silicon solar cell (to get the diffuse sunlight from surrounding). the result were astonishing; they succeeded to make a photovoltaic with 37% maximum efficiency. as my ELP final project was about solar cell; and I involved in another project that also use solar cell; this one was really interesting. the solar cell in my ELP final project result was only 11%; and they also stated it clearly in the class that normal solar cell would only have average efficiency below 20%. 

the lab

after lunch, we visited electrical engineering lab which mainly focused on electrical conversion technology. in this case; AC to AC, AC to DC, etc. this lab already succeeded in making a smaller charging station for electric car by cut off one conversion step. they also now working on a technology that let people charge their electric car by only drive it on a special road. 

conversion system. nope, our lab work was not this complex...

this day ended as we all moved from our home stay in NUT campus to a hotel near Nagaoka Station.

anddd im hungry now. so, see u later!