Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Niigata trip


Lim said that since she was already gone to Niigata with her labmates before, she wouldn't join our Niigata trip on Sunday. Yani and I planned to make an itinerary, but ended up with nothing, because... yea, we thought that maybe, there were not so many tourism objects in Niigata. hours later, our Canadian friend, Chelsea, told us that Niigata had this Sightseeing Loop Bus. so in the morning, Yani, Brian (he just joined our trip 15 minutes before we go) and I started our Niigata trip. 

loop bus trip!

as written in the plan, we first moved into Niigata Manga Animation Museum. turned out that there were some mangakas (how do they call this in englih?) came from this prefecture. some of them were kind of familiar; lets say Samurai X, Toradora, Death Note, Bakuman.. some explanation also available about how to make manga and animation, the history of each manga, etc. there were also these interactive corner where we can design our own comic page, 'draw' our own characters, and even experience being a 'seiyuu' and dub our own voice into an anime scene.

we were a bit late for the second destination because apparently we waited in the wrong bus terminal. but in the end we made it to Former Saito Family Summer Villa; an old and huge guest house of Saito family, one of the old Niigata's 3 most powerful business conglomerates. if im not mistaken, this house area was 5000 m2; and around 4500m2 part of it was a garden. fhew. very huge.

the villa

then we flew to the other 2 places, beach and Hakusan Shrine. we reached this beach by visiting Aquarium; the closest tourism object with sea. we didn't stay there for a long time since it was very hot. we moved to Hakusan Shrine, where they also got a park, giant lotus pond, and some town facilities around it. 


gate of Hakusan Shrine

i went up this. pretty cool. #rasapenasaranterbayarkan

another very-japanese-corner

our plan were quite good until we randomly picked a wrong station to get out from the train on the way home (it should be Nagaoka Station, not Kita-Nagaoka Station, guys....). no one there. extremely empty and quiet. we waited for about 20 minutes for the next train to come; so grateful that our train was not the last train from Niigata going to Nagaoka that day.

that all, and after this we go to our second week!