Wednesday, March 22, 2017

little traces


things accelerate quite fast these months. I have not even put any effort to write anything in the 12 weeks yet. 

from exams to I-have-to-put-a-best-effort-to-be-productive-but-failed holidays. new term with uncountable subjects and reports. new working partners. sudden-big responsibilities. fieldtrip (beach! finally). 

I have not decide which media should be constantly updated. not that eager to post things on instagram. my path is not working well, dont know why. and I cant stand a short update here --lot of things I want to share but sadly ended up not write anything at all in the past 3 months. this 'mager nulis' and 'mager ngetik' conditions often hold me up.

halah, excuse aja..

 I even left my locked-with-password diary application! not even a single word about what I do today, what I miss, the big events, how things-that-cant-be-told-to-anyone be going on.. it usually wrapped up in one notes. at least.

but nothing.


in my opinion; keeping track in what you do and what you feel everyday is important. because its not that easy to recall what you miss, your mistakes, your problems. and those little traces left behind.

might post some updates later. happy thursday!