Wednesday, March 22, 2017



I can say that this March goes pretty busy. and hectic. and stressful. and....its already 23rd March I cant even feel my legs standing on earth.

begin with a bright-new-6th-term, I chose two elective courses in hope that it can lighten my next 7th term. however, it turns out that this term is kinda messed up because we got bunch of homeworks and weekly projects every single week. to be honest, this is like my first experience ever having these kind of unstoppable academic activities. from drawing tractor, diesel, engine and pump parts and functions, having fun with pyrolysis, biodiesel and brickets, limitless analysis on gas compression refrigeration system, measuring students anthropometry on ergonomics..

well, at least we finally found the real usage of those abstract theories and principals that had been told last year. and a real implementation and application on agricultural sector, yay.

I also had some new working partners too in this year. meet my colleagues;

Departemen SERVICE
Kabinet Progresif FORCES

Akhwat Forkom Alims 2017/2018 

hope we can do our best this year!

last week was a 7-days-being-zombie for most of IPB Outstanding Student 2017 candidates. we were having a training for 3 days on 10-12 March and were given only 5 days to revise our paper work and documents. last Saturday and Sunday, we had an english test consist of IELTS and short-speech-test, and also a psycotest test. we were all got many revised documents as well as sleepless nights. But here I found lot of new amazing friends and working partners as well. good luck for 2nd-3rd April 2017, guys!

last Monday and Tuesday, Silvator and Zephyr Team from IPB got invited to a public release of Tanoto Student Research Award Competition. we met another groups from four Tanoto partner-universities (UI, UNHAS, USU, and ITB). on Monday, we visited PT Asianagro Agungjaya, which is a company working on Crude Palm Oil (CPO) processing field. it was an amazing experience to witness a real process on deriving goods from palm oil. it is true that all parts of this plant can be used as the raw material for various products. even the very-final waste can still be transformed into biodiesel and other biomass energy sources (just like ELP course told me weeks ago). 

on the second day, we had a chance to give a brief presentation on our innovation and introduce our research in gallery stand as well. Tanoto Foundation also invited some media and press in this event. we met a lot of successful persons; some Tanoto Foundation Scholarship awardee also came too.

okay, time for cooling engineering practical work. wassalam!