Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Batu holiday

it was never crossed in our mind before that we could really go and play outside this place.

it just.. this place was very nice and homey. we could just walk every morning to reach our internship company, as well as walk around this area to find some places to eat, buy some snacks, and other daily needs. moreover, our 'ibu kos' (how to call this in english?) always made our meals, everyday. 

but after some talks and discussions, we finally made it; sat inside Bagong bus from Kandangan terminal that brought us all the way to Batu, the Tourism City of East Java.

we booked our home stay nights before arrival. this place was extremely near Batu Night Spectacular place. although it was...pretty small :" we only booked one room; and we could even barely fit ourselves together in the bed. we also rented two motorcycle for transportation inside the city. 

started by exploring Alun-alun Kota Batu, in the evening we drove to Batu Night Spectacular. this place is like a 'pasar malam', but way more settled, interesting and fun. they have tons of rides, as well as various attractive corners. the area was filled with bright lampions and LEDs; very pretty :))

well, the problem was; I had this one ride where they rotate the chair 360 degrees vertically nonstop and ended up having nausea until the end of the day :( lol. lemah amat.

but we still went to so many places. this was the first time in my life I brought myself (and friends) into a haunted house (all of it were dolls, so..not that scary). we also had a fun time in Art Trick Gallery ((I wonder why I just found this very cool place by now)).

lol what am I doing

in the night, we had a hard time deciding our destination for tomorrow; this Batu Tourism City offers so many interesting place we want to visit. 

the morning we woke up, we went to Alun-alun Kota Batu for breakfast and headed right to our next place, Jatim Park 2! we visited Batu Secret Zoo and Museum Satwa. 

at first, I thought it wouldn't be that fun because; come on.... its a zoo and museum anyway.

but that day ended up as the best museum and zoo visit I ever had in my life! i didn't know why it turned us to be very happy by observing all of those animals in the real life :") the arrangement of this places were truly amazing; it didn't make us feel bored by walking and strolling around. its maintenance were also very good. we enjoyed our last day in Batu by exploring this places until the very end. 

and then we went back home to Kencong by 8 pm, and ready for work in the next Monday. so grateful we had fun short holiday!