Tuesday, September 5, 2017



Well.. how to start this internship-dedicated post. the struggle were started from the very beginning when we got a very slow response from the first company we contacted. turned out that we wasted our time too much waiting for this one, and the chances were closed from most of the other companies in the time remained.

in the same time, I got this on my email inbox:

I was accepted in Nagaoka Summer School for Young Engineers (NASSYE) in Nagaoka University of Technology, that would be held on 19-31 August 2017. which were...pretty much the same with internship date. it means that in order to confirm this summer program attendance, I had to get a permission first from the internship company. which.....I did not get any company yet back then.

as the time flew, the deadline of confirmation was getting closer. could not do anything later than ask for company confirmation while also request for NUT consideration to extend the deadline.

what I was thinking that time; DONT you even dare to imagine yourself having that summer school in Japan, while you're now still in a doubt; whether you can have your internship in this term, or you have to wait until the next term, which means that every single undergraduate timeline you have would surely been delayed also.

I got panicked. but; who else can I rely on beside Him?

and, dont you ever questioned about the power of prayers.

alhamdulillah, in hours before the very last deadline, we got confirmation from PT Bisi International that we were accepted. 

in order to confirm the NASSYE program, I had to submit my flight itinerary first. thus, I directly jumped into traveloka, skyscanner etc to look for flight tickets and book as fast as possible. 

in the matter of days, all of the plan for the next two months already settled.

this waiting moment actually went along in the same date with the kiln project I posted before. so, yah... 

we had our final exam right before the internship date. 14th July was our last exam (in this day I also went to Japan Embassy in the morning before exam to get my visa) (cant even imagine how to put all those ELP subject materials in my head) (pasrah aja jadinya), and we went to the internship place in Kencong, Kab Kediri by 15th July.

glad to set our foot here; the struggles had been paid!

it turned out that we didn't have any fixed place to stay yet, but we were very grateful that one of the employee in PT Bisi International helped us from the very first time we arrived. we got a nice place to stay; the family were very kind and generous. the public transportation here was actually not that easy to find.. but we put our best to get used to it.

PT Bisi International is one of the biggest seed company in Indonesia. it supplies farmer need of agricultural seeds, from horticulture plants to field plants. we chose this company from the very first time because it applies the use of greenhouse for many seed breeding and production activities. our internship farm in Kencong, Kabupaten Kediri use greenhouse the most out of all other Bisi farms. however, up until now, just only few internship students brought engineering analysis topic in this farm. usually internship students come from agricultural mayor and their topic were related to cultivation method of various commodity, like our other friends here from Universitas Brawijaya.

it was really fun to learn and witness the real application of most of the lessons we learned from the classes back then. maybe this was the main purpose of internship activity. there were so many knowledge we could get by observing and analyzing how they manage this farm; we were even got hard times to choose one. 

as my topic was about environment aspect analysis inside the greenhouse, I brought some sensors integrated with Arduino and data logger. with this tool hanging in the top of greenhouse, I could get temperature, humidity and light intensity data for every 10 minutes. we also identify the tools and machines used here, irrigation system, maintenance system, and learn about many horticulture crops cultivation.

can you see my sensor? yea, the red one up there?

plus, we also met tons of nice and kind Bisi staffs and Kencong peoples! although none of us can speak Javanese ((we made it very, very, clear that we were 'foreigners' here)), we felt very welcomed. 

overall, it was a really fun internship moments we had here :)