Sunday, September 10, 2017

group work and Nagaoka sightseeing


our Tuesday and Wednesday were spent by having games, group work, and final presentation with the other NUT students. turned out that since the bachelor degree students were still in their summer holiday, we met our lab mates once again in this session! thought we would never meet them anymore.. a musical chair games opened this session, and we were divided into 6 groups, combining NUT and NASSYE students. I was in the group 4, together with Lim (Malaysia), Dew (Thailand), Yuta and Hiroto (Japan). we were told to make a presentation about 'the differences between my country and Japan'.

we also had this game where we have to build a paper tower, as tall as possible. seems so simple, but it was actually hard and challenging...; no tape, glue or any sticky things at all. congratulations for the runner up place, guys! :p

at the afternoon, we went to three different places for Nagaoka sightseeing (one place each group). I visited Niigata Historical Museum. although all of the explanation were written in Japanese, they provided us an english explanation audio player, which had a sensor/receiver. every section in the museum equipped with transmitter, so that every time we brought the audio player near the display, the english explanation audio was automatically played. hmhmm more efficient than changing all the display explanations.

Nagaoka sightseeing team!

our final presentation was held on Wednesday. it was like a session to enrich our knowledge and information about the other country's culture and daily lives. everyone had their own uniqueness to present (well, we also watched sudden performances of Thai and Chinese dance x)) we ended this day by having a farewell party, almost all of our academic adviser and professor also came. 

yay sudden Chinese dance

thank you for our lab mate fellas who thoroughly prepared these two days! we all know that you guys also had to work for your research projects since you were all master and PhD students. it was very nice spending time with you all again. hope meet again very soon!