Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Taiko, Tea Ceremony, and last goodbyes


on the last day of NASSYE program, we were invited once more to NUT campus and experience taiko and tea ceremony. taiko is a traditional drum play from Japan. here, they have their own club and often play drum in Nagaoka annual festival. I've seen people playing this taiko at many game centers, either back in my hometown or here in Japan. osu!, one of the rhythm game I play (lol jadi inget maro sama lilis kalo bahas osu) has this taiko mode too; but I never understand how to play and click all of those fast moving circles. I prefer the piano mode. if you like rhythm game, you definitely have to try this one! they provide bunch of bitmaps, free for download, different levels and modes, etc x)

this is osu!.

watch NUT students play taiko was interesting, and try to play it by ourself was lit! it was actually not that easy to catch the rhythm; even the slow one, but we enjoyed it much. they also had a cool club uniform and let us took photos with it.


after taiko, we went to a special room for tea ceremony. tea ceremony club welcomed us warmly, and as they prepared to serve the tea (that we had to mix it by ourself), one of them explained things about tea ceremony; the events, participants, procedures. in the end of the session, we drank our own-mixed matcha tea

it was extremely bitter.

as they told us, for summer season, we added 3 gr of tea powder into a small bowl, and mixed it with certain amount of water. but for winter, with the same water scale, they mixed 30 gr of tea!

...hmmmmmmmm couldnt imagine how bitter it is, thanks :))

although its bitter, I really love the scent

dear me why so short

and we were all actually curious how these guys can stand to sit in that position for a long time; as all of us were suffered enough only after couple of minutes.

these activities ended at 11 am and we still had plenty of times until the last ceremony on 1 pm. thus we decided to go into our laboratory; tried to meet our lab mates and say our last goodbyes. sadly we only met two of them; but as Lisa called the others, they flew to the lab as soon as possible! we also had our last lunch together. thank youuuu! you guys were awesome, we were all touched by ur kindness :"""

I once again say thank you for all of our lab mates, hope our moments together will always stay in our hearts!


in the end of this day, I went to Don Quijote by myself to buy certain of things. I've asked lot of things to my NUT friend, took screenshot for all of the directions, estimated the time.....

but still got lost. takapeu. huhu.

well luckily I managed to find a grocery store on the way and they provide Free Wi-fi. Google Maps saved me then. alhamdulillah.....

bolang bolang
shoes sponsored by Sulis and Heldy :))

I took a night bus and explored Tokyo on my very last day; see you on the next post then!